Love of anything family guides Sarah McCoy’s design choices and she is not afraid to embrace her sentimental nature. As Sarah decorated her family’s first home with beloved keepsakes, Heirloom Chic as her design philosophy was born. To recreate that timeless look and feel, McCoy Home focusses on lasting style, quality materials and that something special that comes only from the heart.


The cornerstones of Wisdom, Faith, Love and Truth and the motto: Do it right, no matter how long it takes; are the true legacy of Jordon McCoy’s late father, Terry McCoy. As Jordon grew up helping his family run Owens Supply, he learned firsthand the value of hard work. The generosity and community spirit his parents and grandparents modeled, taught him about God, giving back and the traditional family values required to be The Real McCoy.

We are creating an atmosphere with this décor that is inviting for the family, is inviting to stay, to sit, and enjoy one another at the table…

…the McCoy name means integrity; it means honesty. It means the legacy that my dad and my granddad, and my great granddad built and it means the love of God, the love of your family.

…it’s putting a piece of heaven in your home.

Marcia Owens McCoy


Jordon & Sarah McCoy


Bill Long

General Manager
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