1. Have You Prepared a Place for HIM?

    Have You Prepared a Place for HIM?

    By Sarah McCoy



    I know who I am in the Lord, and just like her,

    I have no need for a title. I just know my purpose.

    I understand the importance of God’s people and take it as an honor to serve them.

    Sarah Wedding Thoughtful

    There are many places in the Bible that mention a Holy Habitation, a Dwelling Place, a Resting Place, a Mansion, an Upper Room, a Banquet, a Table, a Garden, the Secret Place, the Tabernacle, the Chambers.

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  2. Lighting: The Names are EVERYTHING!

    At McCoy Home, our goal is to provide you with choices in lighting that will stand the test of time. So, the first lighting designed for our website had to check all the boxes. It had to be a clean, timeless design. It had to be able to go from traditional to farmhouse to modern. It had to be fun to own and it had to be easy to ship to our customers.

    Check, check, check and check!


    Introducing the first McCoy Home lighting to appear on our website, our Black Iron Lighting Fixtures. The Elvie, The Sarah, and The LaRenne are now available on mccoyhome.com. The lantern shape is classic and can adapt to any design style. The Sarah and The LaRenne are pendant lights and The Elvie is an elongated lantern shape perfect for over an island or bar.

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  3. Heirloom Chic: Our Silver Serveware connects the dots!

    What is the best thing about our sparkly, shiny metal serveware? It goes with everything! Every color looks well with it and every food looks delicious served on it. Flowers look their best in a silver pitcher or bowl. If you want to dress up chips and dip, put them in our bowls!

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  4. Father’s Day

    Having 4 children in just under 3 years was an intense introduction to fatherhood. Sarah and I were just learning to feel confident with raising our daughter when we discovered we were pregnant with twin boys. Following the birth of the twins, our third son followed 19 months later. 35 months from start to finish. We made it through with the help of our families, but with one big exception.

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  5. Heirloom Chic: My Design Style

    When there is history to a piece, whether I know the story or not, I feel the strength and comfort from something that has lasted.  Choosing new furniture that is based on classic lines gives me the same feeling.

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  6. Meet The McCoys

    Meeting the McCoy family for the first time, two things will cross your mind right away. First, ”That sure is a lot of cute kids!” and second, “I hope my spouse smiles at me that way sometimes.” The love Jordon and Sarah share is obvious; from the way they care for their 4 children under the age of 4 to the way they share a private glance while juggling all that life throws their way. The foundation for this special connection is their deep love for their family and for their faith.

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