Have You Prepared a Place for HIM?

Have You Prepared a Place for HIM?

Have You Prepared a Place for HIM?

By Sarah McCoy



I know who I am in the Lord, and just like her,

I have no need for a title. I just know my purpose.

I understand the importance of God’s people and take it as an honor to serve them.

Sarah Wedding Thoughtful

There are many places in the Bible that mention a Holy Habitation, a Dwelling Place, a Resting Place, a Mansion, an Upper Room, a Banquet, a Table, a Garden, the Secret Place, the Tabernacle, the Chambers.

Places for Intimacy…. Places for the Multitude…

There is a Place.

A Place for His Presence to Dwell.


It starts with an Invitation. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are asked to dine, to eat, to drink.

Those Who Hunger and Thirst shall be filled.

There are natural/physical needs and there are spiritual needs that the Lord is longing to fill. Are we willing to prepare a place to meet those needs? And are we willing to give of ourselves to honor the Prophet? The Preachers, Teachers, Evangelists, and Apostles?

Are we willing to die to a title so that we can let God do His work?

Do we understand our giftings enough to get out of our own way?


Shunammite Woman

Just like the Shunammite Woman, I see a need to create a place for the Men and Women of God, the Prophets, to have a safe place.

A place of Rest and Restoration. A place where they can do the work of the Lord. A place where they can release what has been placed inside of them.

This blog is a platform for voices that have been silenced.

Prepare a Table

In this Introduction, I have Set the Table, Set the Atmosphere, Prepared a Meal.

Are you ready to Eat?

Are you ready to Drink?

Are you ready to Dwell?

Are you ready to Rest?

There is a place for YOU.

Have YOU prepared a place for Him?

Sarah McCoy
Written By Sarah McCoy of McCoy Home