Heirloom Chic: My Design Style

Heirloom Chic: My Design Style

When there is history to a piece, whether I know the story or not, I feel the strength and comfort from something that has lasted.  Choosing new furniture that is based on classic lines gives me the same feeling.

The Chic part of my design style is adding a lightness to your space, a balance of old and new. So, some of our furniture is a little trendy to go with your family treasures and our accessories tend to be trendier with lots of classic touches.


Our accessories are often chosen for how they make me feel which is why many of the signs and candles we carry have scripture references. I get my strength from the Lord and seeing His word in the store makes me smile. (Some of these signs also bring me to tears, but that could be hormones or sleep deprivation! Did I mention we have 4 small children?)

Heirloom Chic is all about balance – balancing tradition and fun. Isn’t that life though? Aren’t we constantly trying to find balance, a balance between eating right and fast food, a balance between our responsibilities and sleep? (Did I just mention sleep again?)

I think what makes a house feel like a home is finding the right combination of classic style and current trends that gives you comfort and joy each day. It is different for everyone but how fun to experiment and figure that out!

We are about to introduce our new silver metal serveware line and I am so excited to show you a sneak peek. More on this soon! I hope you will scroll through our website and see my Heirloom Chic influence. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook for more posts that highlight how we combine a variety of looks to create a feeling of home.