Heirloom Chic: Our Silver Serveware connects the dots!

Heirloom Chic: Our Silver Serveware connects the dots!


What is the best thing about our sparkly, shiny metal serveware? It goes with everything! Every color looks well with it and every food looks delicious served on it. Flowers look their best in a silver pitcher or bowl. If you want to dress up chips and dip, put them in our bowls!


It is hard to find something that looks good in every situation. Just ask any bride who is shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Some colors look good on most (navy and turquoise are always safe choices) but rarely do you find the perfect dress for the whole wedding party. Our platters, bowls, pitchers, and trays are the right choice every time.


This serveware is so versatile you will be amazed how fun it is to use. I have used my favorite pieces to serve an elegant buffet for a bridal shower and to create a fun snack bar that included single serve bags of chips at a birthday party.


But my favorite thing about these pieces is how they look when combined with some of my favorite family treasures. Look at how crisp my great grandmother’s china pattern looks on the beaded charger. The silver metal and the classic blue and white dishes pair beautifully, a prime example of my design philosophy: Heirloom Chic.

This serveware is timeless. It is the ideal choice today and it will be 10 or 20 years from now.   Hammered_Silver_Oyster_Tray_Charger_Collag