Lighting: The Names are EVERYTHING!

Lighting: The Names are EVERYTHING!

At McCoy Home, our goal is to provide you with choices in lighting that will stand the test of time. So, the first lighting designed for our website had to check all the boxes. It had to be a clean, timeless design. It had to be able to go from traditional to farmhouse to modern. It had to be fun to own and it had to be easy to ship to our customers.

Check, check, check and check!


Introducing the first McCoy Home lighting to appear on our website, our Black Iron Lighting Fixtures. The Elvie, The Sarah, and The LaRenne are now available on The lantern shape is classic and can adapt to any design style. The Sarah and The LaRenne are pendant lights and The Elvie is an elongated lantern shape perfect for over an island or bar.


By keeping the design elements so simple, we think the light fixtures add just the right touch to any room. The metal frames are open so all the light is spread around your space with a minimum of shadows cast. Pairing a pendant over your kitchen sink and the bar fixture over an island or table is the perfect way to keep your kitchen cozy and bright. Many kitchens are prewired for two fixtures; two of The LaRenne pendants would be lovely and two of the Sarah pendants would be very dramatic. (And right now, we are offering 25% off if you purchase a pair of pendants in the same order!)


When entertaining, I love a theme and the bottom bars of the light fixtures are an ideal place to add your own sense of fun. Greenery any time of year can be woven around the bar to give the lighting a decorative touch. A Christmas wreath can be hung with fishing wire or add your favorite ornaments for even more Christmas cheer. Birthday pennants and balloons, photos hung from wires, baby booties for a baby shower or gender reveal; the list of design possibilities is endless.


Jordon named the fixtures after three of his favorite people: The Elvie after his grandmother, The LaRenne after our firstborn and only daughter, and The Sarah after me. It was a sweet and sentimental surprise when I first saw the names he chose. Jordon is always thinking of family so naming the fixtures after us shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was. You just never know what he will think up next!


Please check out these new fixtures and let us know what you think in the comments below. We are so excited to launch this new line and hope you will find the perfect spot to hang one (or two, or three) in your home!